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Louisa Nikolaidou
Louisa Nikolaidou

Louisa is an architectural and interiors photographer. She holds a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Information Systems from UMIST and the London Schoold of Economics (LSE) in the UK respectively and was originally pursuing a successful career in Management Consulting. Following her lifelong dream and true creative calling, she finally decided to eternally capture the world through the lenses of her camera, embarking on a lifelong journey of photography. Extensive photography courses at the International Centre of Photography (ICP) in New York made sure Louisa’s creativity was solidly supported with the necessary technical skills and education.

The emphasis she gives on perspective, lines, light and shapes, as well as her need to portray authentic moments in peoples' lives, is reflected through her work. Louisa's passion for travelling and meeting new people and cultures is a continuous influence, giving life and colour to her images.

Having undertaken many challenging assignments, she proudly holds a strong client base but, more importantly, is one of those people who can truthfully claim to have built long-term relationships through her work.

Her photographs are published in International Photography Books and Travel and Architectural magazines around the world.


Louisa is leading a team of professionals, who excel in a plethora of photography activities. The team offers clients truly customised solutions for visually promoting their needs by using the most suitable perspective and most innovative tools.

They are constantly kept up to date with latest technologies, while maintaining the style and professionalism that characterize their work. Having photography as the core activity, Louisa and her team provide services that include:


Provide professional photography services combined with the styling


Video capturing and video editing in order to provide the mood and experience.

Drone Photography and Video

Capturing Photography and Video from above with the use of a professional drone.

Post Production

Provide high quality image and video processing.

360 images

Capturing 360 images ready for use in social media.

3D VIrtual Reality tours

Provide 3D Virtual Reality tours (Interactive Walkthrough).

Whether working with an architect, a hotel manager or a villa owner, the services provided poistion our clients a step ahead in competiton, creating at the same time a beautiful experience in participating in the project.

Under the same umbrella we also proudly own Virtually and Zooom.